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Descriptive English Strategy

Why Descriptive English is so important for getting a selection in the exams?

Descriptive English is one of the most underrated subjects when it comes to PHASE 2 exams of RBI Grade B, RBI Grade A, SEBI Grade A and NABARD Grade A.

You can prepare other subjects like Finance, Management and Economics & Social Issues just in one month if you have that kind of capability (Last night fight). But it is close to impossible to complete Descriptive English if you want to cover that in the last month after notification or after PHASE 1.

By now you must be asking yourself, “Why is it so hard to cover in such a short time? It’s just Essay, Precis, Letter and Reading Comprehension just like 10th class.”

But let’s face the truth it is not that easy when you are getting selected for a post that provides you Rs. 70,000 every month plus perks (sums to approx Rs. 1.5 lakh) or you can say CTC (cost to company) – Rs. 20 Lakh p.a. approx.

Descriptive English is all about “First Skill then Knowledge “. You need to sharpen your skills to ace the exam which needs a lot of practice just like a warrior needs to sharpen his/her sword before going to the war.

My advice would be to practice it from the start of the year when you start your preparation for the exam.

Let’s learn a bit about how to approach Descriptive English exam. (Preparation)

  1. Learn the structure first. (Like the one given below.)
  2. Practice Reading small paragraphs with consistent speed.
  3. Pick a diary and write around 50 words daily to be in a practice of converting a small excerpt from newspaper into a precis.
  4. Keep reading current affairs. Even if there is an informative essay question or an abstract essay question or argumentative essay question, the current affairs would help you out in pointing out the current scenario which is far more relatable to the examiner than the random suggestions given by you (which will take time to get understood).

Keep attempting Descriptive English Tests, which will measure your performance from time to time. Practice them once in a week and you will be good to go.


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