Essay – Sustainability of Momentum Gained From COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Earth has suffered many wounds due to various human activities and is in bad health. But the halt in all these activities due the pandemic COVID-19 has given time to the earth to recuperate. What do you think humans must learn from this? Discuss in brief the course of action to ensure the sustainability of the momentum gained in the right direction during this period towards a better future.

Answers 1 :

It is well said that “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. But then too we are destroying mother earth at an unprecedented rate, threatening the survival of our future. The single biggest threat to our planet is the destruction of habitat and along the way the loss of precious wildlife. We need to reach a balance where people, habitat and wildlife co-exist.

But ever since the pandemic has struck across the globe, several reports have emerged highlighting the drastic drop in levels of carbon emissions and noise pollution. The water quality has also improved- pictures of cleaner river Ganga as well as Varanasi has appeared. Wildlife has also been using this lack of human spreading to venture out of their own territories. It’s showing us just how much natural world can thrive if we just give it a little space. Halt of industrial activities and social distancing have become new norm, in everyone’s life.

In order to make sure that these positive changes continues and earth becomes a better place, we need to adopt following measures of conservation. Like afforestation, using renewal sources of energy, reducing wastage of water, using e-vehicle or public vehicles, saving flora and fauna, creating awareness through programs. On corporate front recycling of waste and cutting industrial pollution can help. It is important to move to a more sustainable way of living.

Last but  not the least, though everybody wants to change the world but nobody is ready to change themselves for the world. Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on ourselves and ask what we can do to save our earth. It is all little things that matters and if everyone contributes, indirectly the planet will become a beautiful place to live in with less destruction and better environment. Because saving mother earth is not something we want, but it’s everything we need.

Answer 2 :

According to the great list of consequences of COVID-19 which is regularly flashing on various news channels and newspapers is global economy is at the verge of recession, falling GDP projections due to lockdown, pressure on health infrastructure etc.

The positive side of this pandemic is “rebooting period for earth” as it provides mother earth some time for healing herself from drastic human activities. According to analysts, carbon dioxide (a green house gas) emissions have reduced drastically. In India, carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 15% which has never happened in four decades.Demand of oil, fossil fuels etc. have reduced drastically. The shocking news is various multilateral forums were made and meetings were done but such positive impact on nature has never happened. This is possible due to worldwide lockdown which stop every economic activities which includes furnaces that emit dangerous gases on a daily basis.

But the question is “how long lasting it can be?” To achieve sustainability, every citizen along with government officials need to take steps. Firstly, a set of protocol should be made so that post lockdown period will not create sudden pressure on nature. This should be done in the same way government is making various committees for economic revival. Secondly, an implementation framework should be done till the ground level and the framework of “accounting of natural resources” should be done. These things should be done at central, state and district level.Thirdly, a boost towards renewable sector is necessary by making proper infrastructure through PPP mode.

Every change starts by creating an urgency that there is a requirement for change. Same approach with this case. Government should try to use pull push strategy (a very famous approach in marketing) where pull strategy should be made to create a demand for such change among people and push strategy should be made by government and administrative bodies through opening up of various environmental friendly opportunities for new world.

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