Precis Test – 32

Descriptive English Economics & Social Issues

Question and Solution by MENT-U

Descriptive English is a very important subject in the competitive exams today. Students need this skill to ace the final list as toppers. Master the skill with this test, which has been provided to ace the Descriptive English paper. Usually aspirants do not prepare this subject (Descriptive English) from the start of the year, for which they regret later. Do not do repeat the mistakes of other aspirants and prepare for Descriptive English from the start of the year. RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A and NABARD Grade A – Phase 2 has this paper for full 100 marks, which you can prepare with some practice.

MENT-U has provided you the question and the best solution.

Write a precis on the following passage in the given word limit.

Level – RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A, SEBI Grade A

WORD LIMIT- 120 words

Kindly use MSWORD with dictionary off*.

Time – 40 minutes.


Answer: By MENT-U students.

Pollution is a deadly disease which is impacting our earth drastically. Usually pollution refers to contamination of natural resources through various pollutants. And the major source of these pollutants is anthropogenic activities. These activities include industrial activities, religious practices, etc. One can easily expect aftermath of this situation in terms of various respiratory diseases along with the great loss of biodiversity. After this analysis, we can easily conclude that this is the right time to take appropriate steps. Some steps which can be taken at individual level are use of public transport, avoid plastic usage, recycle the used material etc. Since, this has become a global level issue, we need to take joint efforts to eradicate this problem as early as possible and make our earth lively again.


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