SHREYAS (Scheme for Higher Education Youth in Apprenticeship and Skills) : 2019

Education Schemes

Ministry: Ministry of Education

Aim: To boost the employability of Indian youth by providing access to work ‘on the job’ and stipend earning.

Target: It is proposed to cover 50 lakh students by 2022.


  • Improve student employability by integrating career significance into the higher education system’s learning process.
  • Sustainably forge a close functional connection between education and the service / industry sectors.
  • To provide the students with the skills they need in a diverse manner.
  • Creating a ‘earn as you know’ higher education program.
  • Helping business / industry achieve high quality workers.
  • Linking student society to work promoting government activities.


  • It is a central government scheme to provide apprenticeship incentives for the general students who will be leaving the National Apprenticeship Promotional Scheme (NAPS) in April 2019. Implemented by Sector Skill Councils.
  • SHREYAS is a program basket consisting of the projects of three central ministries, namely the Ministry of Human Resources Development, the Ministry of Skills Growth and Entrepreneurship and the Ministry of Labor and Jobs, the National Apprenticeship
  • Promotion Scheme (NAPS), the National Career Service (NCS) and the implementation of BA / BSc / BCom (Professional) Higher Education courses

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