Steps to boost domestic investments in India

Economics & Social Issues

The Government has taken various steps in addition to ongoing schemes to boost domestic investments in India. These include the National Infrastructure Pipeline, Reduction in Corporate Tax, easing liquidity problems of NBFCs and Banks, trade policy measures to boost domestic manufacturing, and so on.

In order to protect, support and promote small enterprises as also to help them become self-supporting, a number of protective and promotional measures have been undertaken by the Government.

  • The various types of help extended by different support agencies of the Government are
    (i) Credit Support,
    (ii) Marketing Support,
    (iii) Entrepreneurship Development,
    (iv) Technology Upgradation,
    (v) Industrial Infrastructure,
    (vi) Technical Training,
    (vii) Institutional Structure,
    (viii) Assistance Programmes,
    (ix) special incentives for setting up of Enterprises in backward areas etc.

Bringing back the automobile sector (petrol and diesel vehicle companies) back on its path will also be a challenging task as the demand for electric vehicles is also on the rise and due to the BS-6 norms too hamper the will of the customers.

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