Approach to RBI GRADE B syllabus

  • Improve English descriptive (easy marks with no much knowledge but good skills).
    ED is the key to success in RBI GRADE B.
  • SYLLABUS COVERAGE : Cover the syllabus from legit books or coaching material.
    Material–if time is less to decide where to start and where to stop.
    Books– when, well versed with the strategy and u have time to execute it.

Core Strategy :

  1. Cover 70 % syllabus that can be covered within a narrow span of time. (ESI MAJORS and FM MAJORS)
  2. READ NEWSPAPER : 30 min max. ( to improve language skills, accumulating information and eliminate contextual errors) Why READ Editorials?
  3. GA :
  4. SCHEMES : Cover schemes on daily basis. As a lot of minute information had been asked in the last few years.
  5. QRE (Quant,Reasoning & English)- Complete the scoring topics first and then go for hard ones (on daily basis – just 2 questions Atleast)
  6. NUMBER SERIES : 5 questions are from this section. Practice daily and secure these marks.
  7. Type daily for speed in Phase2 English descriptive.(15min)
  8. RBI NOTIFICATIONS are very important. (Do not miss those)

NOTE: The information here will be updated from time to time, keep checking and stay updated.

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